A friend and I were talking about his plans to open up shop while in quarantine, it seemed like a impressive idea. With international shipping, home roasting kits, wide availability of brewing kits, and not to forget the information available online — it's like the world is begging you to open up a shop from your own home and just begin selling to your neighbors.

I find that coffee is best consumed either in complete solitude or in the company of those you enjoy being around. The idea behind this really begins first with my friend Carlo, a person I do find myself enjoying the company of while having coffee.
I thought it was silly, but then the idea simmered longer and longer in my brain, until it hit me. Wouldn't that be such a great idea? In a time where we're all just trying to find some kind of normalcy in everyday things, why not open up a small café just for you and your neighbors for the time being. Call it a "Bubble Café", it's true, you might think of it as your regular bubble tea shop, but for your own social bubble.

I think with the growing number of delivery kitchens or as they call "ghost kitchens", I don't think this a very far-off idea. Imagine a small café, and all your regulars being those closest to you. It's a dream shop, no fuss, just the simple small town dream of a café owner. 
Kapit Bahay, is Tagalog for neighbor or directly translating to Adjacent Home. Kapit, can also mean to hold on to, which is kind of the idea I wanted to play around with. Eating and drinking together is a very Filipino norm, to be hospitable and to enjoy the company of those around you with good food and drinks, is always the take away when being around Filipinos. Much to the idea of just being in café, sometimes you're just there to be around people. 

Barya lang po sa umaga, is a phrase mostly heard when taking public transportation in the Philippines. Many Jeepneys, don't carry a ton of change when they head out in the mornings, so a courtesy to the drivers most people try to follow the "only exact change in the mornings, please.

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