Kapit Bahay, is Tagalog for neighbor or directly translating to Adjacent Home. Kapit, can also mean to hold on to, which is kind of the idea I wanted to play around with. Eating and drinking together is a very Filipino norm, to be hospitable and to enjoy the company of those around you with good food and drinks, is always the take away when being around Filipinos. Much to the idea of just being in café, sometimes you're just there to be around people. 

       Revisiting this concept, I wanted to flesh out more material to make this idea simmer a bit more and begin to form a skeleton of what eventually might be a full-blown shop. Kapit Bahay plays on a few Filipino words, Kape, Kapit, and Bahay; three ideas that I truly believe are the center of this idea.  Kape, meaning Coffee is first and foremost the driving force to this concept - for the love of coffee and the social interaction it brings about. Kapit, meaning adjacent but can also be translated to mean "to hold", which is can roughly translated "to cherish" (stick with me.), which is a concept I would like to embody in this store - the one thing that I do miss about working in a coffeeshop are the regulars who stopped by to have coffee, I cherish those short talks over a brewing cup of coffee. Finally, Bahay meaning home, the bottom line - this concept is ideally a project aimed to create a homey experience, nothing like a cup of coffee at home. 

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