Below are the initial explorations I did designing this book cover. The ideas I had revolved around making sure I had a nice mix of contrast between the two typefaces I would eventually come to choose for this project. I wanted to something like royalty and intelligence to be hinted using type. Kobe Bryant after all is one of the greatest basketball players in the world. He was intelligent and had the athletic prowess of an animal, which kind reminded me of King Cobras and Lions. 
I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I've had this hidden in my computer banks for a minute but I wanted to make sure at least most of my work sees the light of day. A ton of art never really makes it out alive after I've finished it - I'm going to try to make it a practice to share my work and have some pride into it. If you like it - appreciate it! If there are things I could totally work on let me know at in the comments below. 

Designer: Maui Uy

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